What are some of your favorite Disney World Snacks?


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Mar 13, 2024
I'm always looking for new inspirations, and would love to see what you enjoy and are your must haves!
I'll start the cream cheese pretzel from the Launching Pad under Astro orbiter in Magic Kingdom.

It's noted on the menu as:

Cream Cheese Warm Stuffed Pretzel​

Warm Stuffed Pretzel filled with Sweet Cream Cheese, coming in at $7.79 + tax


Sunshine Tree Terrace​

Orange Cream Soft-serve Cup $5.29
Disney Snack Orange Cream Soft-serve Cup.jpg

In the picture, I do show Crispy Chicken Dumplings - but they don't seem to be offering them right now.
Disney Snack eggrolls.jpg

Pepperoni eggrolls with marinara sauce
cheeseburger eggrolls with special burger sauce $9.50 for two rolls.
Disney Snack mickey pretzel with cheese and disney pickle.jpg

The salted pretzel with nacho cheese was okay...but the real star here is the pickle. I love the pickles at Disney World!

Disney Snack School Bread.jpg

Who loves School Bread from the Norway pavilion in EPCOT?

I love it when its hot but it's so ice cold! Such a great way to cool down.