Test Track to Close in June 2024 for Reimagining


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Mar 13, 2024

Disney has shared some exciting news about Test Track at EPCOT! Starting June 17, 2024, the attraction will temporarily close its doors for an innovative update to this much-loved thrill ride.

In a nod to its roots, the creative minds at Disney and the Chevrolet team are drawing inspiration from the original World of Motion attraction to infuse the new Test Track experience with a fresh sense of optimism. I wonder if we will see more of an electric vehicle push with this next version of Test Track.

While specific details about the new ride remain under wraps, Disney has teased fans with concept art that hints at a shift towards electric vehicle technology in the ride's theme.

Test Track, which last opened in December 2012 under Chevrolet’s sponsorship, is gearing up for a significant makeover. Be sure to catch a ride on the current version before it closes on June 16, 2024!


I was there just the other day; look at the 85-minute wait time; as you can see, the lightning lane was quite long, extending out past the sign to the attraction!


I know several folks mention the single rider line, but it's not short, and often times is quite long as well. I decided to skip it.
The Test Track is closed and expected to be closed for a year. Hopefully, it won't take as long!