Is the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue dinner worth it?


Disney Camper
May 28, 2024
It's two dinner credits - and we were looking to take our teenage daughter.

How's the food? How's the show? For those that have gone to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, did you enjoy it? Would you go again?

What is included in the meal? It doesn't look like it ever might.
I'm looking at booking this shortly, so I can grab some photos and video of it. I will report back.

It's looking to be around $70 a person adult-wise. It is all you can enjoy/ for a buffet at Disney it isn't cheap.
So I was able to go to Hoop Dee Doo Revue on Wednesday for the 8:30 pm show.

Here are my thoughts and a few photos.

Soft drinks, tea, coffee, beer, and sangria are included. You can purchase some upgrades, but I elected to stick with Barq's root beer.

You check in, and if you're in the lower area of the show, the line is quite long, but don't let it discourage you. They will ask you if there are any allergies or concerns with the food. The chef featured here can answer any questions you might have. Disney World is great for those with allergies and will go as far as cooking individual dishes to meet your dietary requirements. So don't be afraid to discuss with them. This time @Bayley was not with me, so I didn't need to worry about allergies.


When you are seated, cornbread and butter will be on the table along with a salad. The salad is quite tasty, and the mini loaf of cornbread seemed to hit the spot after walking a few miles around Fort Wilderness Campground before dinner.

The sides served are slaw, mac and cheese, BBQ baked beans, and mashed potatoes. Then, there is fried chicken and ribs.
I found all of the food to be mediocre. The fried chicken and mashed potatoes were probably the stand-out dishes, but that is not saying much.


Throughout the show, I found that quite entertaining and loud. That might be a concern if you do poorly in loud environments.
My Apple Watch did go off one time and said that I was in an environment that was over 70 decibels. I imagine it gets even louder when they hand out this washboard and spoons to make even more noise. I did see one father have this newborn baby with their ears covered.

The performance doesn't just take place on a stage; the performers also come into the audience to ask questions, and it is quite interactive.


It was a lot of fun to see the performers up close and participate by twirling our napkins. At the end of the performance, they also brought a few folks up on stage.


Overall, I would go again but not for the food. I would go for a special occasion and take younger kids, such as my nephew, or a large group that needs entertainment.

They do have 3 different types of tickets. I sat in the 1 area. It was five dollars more than being a bit back. However, I don't think the house has a bad seat as you can see the stage no matter where you sit. The chairs also spin, so those sitting with their back, can rotate around.

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