Is Moana in EPCOT?


Disney Camper
May 28, 2024
I'm hoping to rope drop EPCOT - does Moana have a virtual queue or is it just all standby? My hope is to not get caught in a long line at Frozen and Remy. I might have to shell out some cash

Creating strategy for the EPCOT rope drop as the app doesn't show the wait times to meet Moana. Waiting in line with my little ones isn't a good time. What would you do?
I will say that the Journey of Water attraction for Moana is different and has some neat features. The best part is it will cool you down some on any hot day.

Her meet and greets aren't continuous, so you want to check the daily schedule.
However if you plan to be in line around a little before 9 am, you should be able to meet her for the first time she's out. That might ruin your plans for rope-dropping Frozen.

Keep in mind since Journey of Water is near the front of the EPCOT entrance, there will be a lot of people running to this. So just plan ahead and make this the first stop if that's your top priority. I would consider making this the second stop with her next showing is usually around 10am - like other princesses we meet in EPCOT.


I did a write-up on where to meet Princess Moana, so be sure to check it out, as it gives ideas on what to ask Moana when you finally do get that opportunity to make interaction a bit more fun.

Also, be sure to checkout this short Youtube Video
I love meeting the princesses in EPCOT, especially early. Walking around there is usually no wait or line.
Moana is the exception, not sure if its because it's still new, or the popularity of Moana 2 is already building!