Is Memory Maker Worth It?


New member
Jul 7, 2024
It's $185 and I'm finding it hard to justify paying that much for photos on top of the expenses for the trip itself. Has anyone hear found it worth it?

If I don't purchase it and I really love a ride photo or something, could I buy the individual photo without the entire package?

Thank you!
If you're meeting characters, most cast members will take your photo on your phone for free if you ask them. You could even ask the person standing behind you in line if no cast members are around. If you want rides photos for every ride, individual photos cost

For me, the memory maker cost just isn't worth it, but for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, I could see how some families could justify it.
I like Memory Maker, but as an Annual Passholder, it's only $99, and only one person must purchase it to download the photos.

if you're taking a little one, and it will be the first time with characters, I'd consider it, but only if characters were going to be the main point of the trip.