How to save on Disney World Park Tickets?!


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Mar 13, 2024
I get asked this ALL the time.


This is one of the pain points in booking a Disney Trip.

You should always buy tickets from legitimate Disney-authorized retailers or Disney themselves. NO EXCEPTIONS!

My favorite ways to purchase Disney Park Tickets
There are other ways to purchase, but this is my preferred safe way to buy tickets.

I find some of the best ways to save on these tickets, and the most savings are with Disney gift cards and rewards credit cards.

There are several ways to do it, so I will try and walk you through my favorite ways. Keep in mind your situation will be different, and results may differ.

The more days you purchase, the lower the cost of admission goes; I'm talking about a $ 10-a-day type of cost.

Do I need a park hopper pass? Is Park hopping worth it at Disney World?
This is a personal decision and can be a tiring part of the trip. I like park hopping from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT or EPCOT to Hollywood Studios sometimes. However, I go to Disney World frequently, and I'm not carrying a child (yet).

If you're going with a young child, I would probably advise against it and only do one park per day. This will help you save money and potentially avoid any meltdowns.

You can not get a park hopper for just one day; your entire ticket purchase must be the same type, IE parkhopper tickets or single-day tickets (unless you purchase single day, which doesn't help you save money)

We have a few articles on this:
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We are planning our Disneyland trip for September of this year. We have a 6 YO and a 1 YO and we will be skipping the park hoppers this time. We will be spending all our time at Disneyland but also staying at the Lodge there! We are very pumped. Our 6 YO is going to be beside himself. :D