Has anyone thought about moving to Florida


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Mar 13, 2024
Has anyone moved from where they live to be closer to the parks, etc in Florida?

I feel like Florida has a lot to offer besides the parks, but wouldn't it be cool to go on a whim?

If you did what communities did you look at? Did you check out Winter Park, Celebration (the town Disney built), Windermere, Clermont, Horizon West, etc?

What are some aspects of moving for Florida that might get over looked? I find the car insurance is much higher, and so is home insurance due to roofing concerns.
I would love to escape the cold winters in Maine and move to Florida.

The job situation is what keeps me from moving. Sure you get a discount on income tax, but they get it from somewhere else!
I wouldn't mind living a bit closer to the beach, an hour or two from Disney World beats almost 20+ if we have to drive!
If I hit the lottery, I wont necessarily tell anyone, but there will be signs...

like a huge giant FOR SALE sign in my yard! Haha, Golden Oaks is a dream, but when I see these houses I realize I don't have that type of lifestyle, I like being outside and not always in a pool.
High end furnishes for sure, and I wouldn't turn it down or not go see a tour, cause it looks awesome.

Golden Oaks! I hear the HOA is super strict which makes sense for the price you’re paying.

Example, you can not have cars parked in your driveway overnight. They take that seriously.