Get TSA precheck before flying out of MCO!


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Apr 16, 2024
So it’s going up like $5 for 5 years of service.

You get to keep your shoes, and belts on. I can get thru security quickly when I travel to Disney World from MCO.

My average wait time is less than 10 minutes.

Was thinking about getting CLEAR as well.

Any luck with Clear?
I think CLEAR is worth it at most airports other than MCO.

CLEAR offers a product called CLEAR Reserve - which allows you to hold a place in line like an appointment, which is almost better than the paid-for CLEAR product.

So, for sure, everyone needs PreCheck before flying thru MCO, and it doesn't matter which airline you do that with.
I do use the TSA app to check the wait times. While I dislike getting to the airport too early for no reason, I don't fly enough to justify $85 for 5 years, as I may only fly twice. So to the commoner lines I go. I think I've waiting 45-60 minutes once, but that was during a holiday.

The app really helps planning to get to the airport, I also find the wait times differ depending on which gates you fly out of. I just saw a video for the new terminal C (international side, and maybe JetBlue?) about snazzy, it looks great. However, I love that MCO Carpert pattern, make me feel right at home!