Disney now offering Galapagos cruises


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Apr 18, 2024
I dunno how I feel about Disney in a sacred place like Galapagos, HOWEVER I am interested in experiencing a Disney cruise first hand one day. And I do want my kids to see Galapagos at some point. I guess I better start saving!

Anyone been on a Disney cruise and care to weigh in? How do you feel about Disney in Ecuador/Galapagos?
We've never been on a Disney cruise, but we are looking at a short cruise to see if we like cruises. Disney-led things are usually pretty awesome, and Disney is leaning into cruises with new ships coming online.

My aunt is a cruise fanatic and went to the Galapagos previously and saw some fantastic sights. I can't wait to try to go on a cruise like this. Let's plan one together ;)
Sounds good to me! We honeymooned in Galapagos and it was phenomenal. A unique place that really can only be properly seen via boat