Disney bus drivers


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May 2, 2024
Has anyone else noticed that "Disney" bus drivers aren't as talkative as before? I fondly recall enjoying a variety of interesting facts about WDW during rides. For instance, it was on a "Disney" bus that I learned the acronym EPCOT could humorously stand for "Every Person Comes Out Tired" or "Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday." Does anyone else remember similar fun tidbits?
I'm not too familiar with Disney buses but I feel like this would vary so much by driver and even by day. If it's a beautiful sunny day early in the season it's easy to be agreeable. End of summer, end of a long day, it's gonna be a lot harder to conjure up those vibes. Idk just thinking out loud :D
I feel the bus drivers are people, and they are extra busy around the holidays and busy seasons. Disney has increased their buses, and its gotta be tough to pass all the requirements and still put on a happy face driving around Central Florida....one good thing, is it is in an AC cab.

Dealing with grumpy parents, and sleepy kids....you know that's gotta be tough at the end of the day.
That said, it wouldn't be too bad to be a bus driver IMHO. Little kids love seeing buses. *Most* people are excited and happy. I'll take the morning shift please