Christmas Holiday Lights


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May 8, 2024
I would like to plan a trip to Disney World when the Holiday Lights are lit. When do they turn the Holiday Lights on?
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I love seeing all of the decorations Disney puts up to celebrate Christmas. They go all out.

Here is a picture of the lampposts they hang up in Magic Kingdom. They are giant, and quite festive.

The Disney resort will start to decorate almost immediately on November 1st, and they are usually completed around or before the week of Thanksgiving.
They have to bring in cranes to hang the trees and lampposts - all while the guests are none the wiser.

It's going to be busy the closer you get to the holidays. Depending on when Thanksgiving arrives, I recommend the first two weeks of December.


This is an early evening time shot of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.

You might also wonder if Disney World is open on Christmas Day. It is, and we have a whole article written with the link below on what you can expect if you're planning to be around during the holiday.


I think it's magical to visit Disney World during the holidays. Above is the entrance to Magic Kingdom, with a Mickey and Minnie topiary with Santa hats.

One thing I find to be overlooked is visiting the Resorts during the holidays, as they are decorated too. Last year I went and visited all of the Monorail resorts, (Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian) and they all had decorations out.


This life-sized gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian is a highlight, and you can see a line forming as they have a kiosk that sells holiday items such as cookies and hot cocoa.

Another one of my favorites is the Tri Circle D Ranch (Where Disney World keeps all of the horses they use, and you can even ride ponies and horses).

You can find this at the Campsites Fort Wilderness; you can take a boat ride from Magic Kingdom or the bus from one of the parks. I will tell you I walked through the whole campground in the rain to see campers who go all out with their Christmas decorations - it was pretty awesome, even in the rain! I covered almost 20 miles of walking around the parks that day.

Returning to the resort cruising, my favorite location at Disney World is the EPCOT area. I love EPCOT, and I think the resorts surrounding it are the best, as you can take a scenic walk and get to two Disney parks, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. They also have a lovely boardwalk and beach view along the way.

Focusing on the Boardwalk resort, they have a lovely kiosk selling "sipping chocolate," which I recommend sharing with a loved one with one of their customized gingerbread cookies. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the boardwalk as you head to EPCOT where a cookie stroll awaits you!

Here is a short clip I took at the Boardwalk Inn last year.

Each of the countries in EPCOT celebrates the holidays differently. EPCOT honors this with a cookie stroll that honors each home country. It's a lot of fun, but again, I'd share 1 cookie with loved ones to avoid the tummy ache or eating in each country. The cookie sizes are well sized, so portions are easily divided.


If you're looking for more details about Christmas Decorations at Disney World, be sure to read this more detailed article by clicking the URL below:
There's so
much I didn't cover in this post, like Disney Springs and the Christmas trees, and other special events like Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party, etc!

I hope this helps answer your question, and more importantly, I hope you and yours have a Magical vacation!
No problem, I'm glad we could help you find the answer. Is there any big plans when you're going? Is it a special trip?
I love all of the Christmas lights Disney puts up - especially around EPCOT. If you've never seen the decorations folks put up along the trails in the campground, you should! it's awesome, they even have little mini Christmas parades!