Breeze Airways


Neighborhood Chipmunk
Apr 16, 2024
Is anyone familiar with or has flown Breeze into MCO?
The prices are low to get to fly into Orlando International Airport, but the reviews are not so great.

I'm just curious if anyone here has flown Breeze and has any input. Thanks in advance.
You get what you get regarding Ultra Low-Cost Carriers (ULCC). Not to say that Delta or any of the big 3 are great, but they have better customer service, in my opinion.

That said, I'm a free agent. Get me to where I need to go, and let's go.

To you and me, Breeze offers and serves small to mid-markets without needing the hubs, aka layovers. They will charge you for bags and snacks.
The same guy, David Neeleman, who founded JetBlue. I guess he didn't like retirement or the fat stacks of cash he had...he wanted to get back into the airline business. The ULCC business is growing as people want to travel and go cheap.

They have trips to underserved areas, so if you have one to Orlando, take it! Cause guess what? When you land, you're still close to Disney World. Just be aware if your departing airport doesn't have flights out to Orlando a lot, it could be an issue. So I always try to keep a stash of points aside in case I need them.
The sure do charge you for everything, surprised they don't try to charge you for going to the bathroom!