Best Ponchos for Disney World: Recommendations Needed!


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Jun 25, 2024
Hi everyone!

We're planning a trip to Disney World next month and expecting some rainy days. We've had mixed experiences with the ponchos sold at the parks—they tend to fall apart quickly. Can anyone recommend durable and reliable ponchos or other rain gear that have worked well for you? We'd love to hear about any options available on Amazon or other stores and tips for staying dry during those sudden Florida downpours!

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.
Hi @TomoFan

Depending on when you go, depends on the rain gear I usually recommend. I went in December, and it rained all for days when I was there. However it wasn't hot, actually a little cool with the breeze.

I found a Helly Hansen disney edition on Ebay for $140, I know it's pricey, but it's one of those purchase one, wear a lot type of garments. Do you have to go that extreme? nope.

I actually had good luck with the Disney $12 ponchos, and reuse those quite often. I don't care for the $1 ones from Walmart, as they make me sweat way too much.