Best Places to Live Near Disney World


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Jun 25, 2024
I've been a huge Disney theme park fan since I was a young child, always dreaming of living closer to the magic. Now, with my husband about to start working for Disney, we're excited to relocate to the Orlando area. Currently, we live up north where we experience all four seasons, but we really dislike the colder temperatures. We're a middle-income family with one younger child, so safety and good schools are our top priorities.

For those of you who are already Floridians or have knowledge about the area, could you share some insights on safe neighborhoods within a half-hour drive to Disney? We're looking for family-friendly communities with excellent schools. While I'd love to move to Oviedo, it's just too far—about an hour's commute, which is more than my husband is willing to do.

Additionally, if you've made a similar move, what tips do you have for adjusting to life in Florida, especially with the warm weather and the overall lifestyle change? Any advice on finding local activities or joining community groups would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

So far I've been looking at
Winter Garden
Dr. Philips

Are there safe family neighborhoods near Disney, I'm missing?
My friend, welcome!

You forgot a few other communities, such as Clermont and the Disney-built community Celebration.

Celebration, Florida, is quite a unique neighborhood and one I hope to live in one day.

Clermont seems to be a growing, but great area to look at if you are trying to stay on the lower end of the budget. Another neighborhood that hasn't been mentioned is Horizon West, which is like between the Magic Kingdom and Winter Garden.