Best DVC Resorts?


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Jul 7, 2024
How would you rank your favorite (or least favorite) DVC resorts? They can be because you've stayed there and loved it or because it's your dream vacation.

I'll start:

1. Riviera - I might be biased but I just have such fun memories here that I have to rank it first. It has the Skyliner which is great for quick transportation, but I also just love sitting on the balcony or by the pool and watching the gondolas sail across the sky.
2. Animal Kingdom Villas - Never stayed (yet) but Animal Kingdom is my favorite Disney park. This is definitely a bucket list stay for me.
3. Copper Creek Villas & Cabins - The cabins are SO nice. You'll feel like your camping but without the bugs and having to put up a tent. The theming is beautiful and it's actually really peaceful and quiet for a Disney World resort.
4. Bay Lake Tower - You can get a view of the fireworks from your hotel room plus it's walking distance from Magic Kingdom.
5. Polynesian - Firework view, tropical theme, and it's on the monorail line.
1. Grand Floridian just for nostalgia purposes
2. Beach Club for the theming and the best pool on property
3. Boardwalk because EPCOT is my favorite park and it's easy to walk to or you can take the boat

I don't know as much about the other DVC options, but I want to try the Riviera next. I do like the Skyliner but never stay at a Skyliner resort so I don't get to take advantage of it for transportation.
The Riveria has become one of my favorites because of the Skyliner - plus its really plush. The drinks are some of the best!