Are Disney Turkey Legs really that good?

Do you like Disney Turkey Legs?

  • Absolutely! A must Disney snack!

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  • They are okay, I'm fine skipping them.

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  • Gross! That's a no from me!

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Mar 13, 2024
So what say you? Are you team Turkey Leg when you're walking around a Disney theme park?

I've had them; I think they are salty and almost have a ham-like taste. They are not emu legs like many think, which is how urban myths are created.

I can't eat a whole turkey leg before getting on whatever ride we are heading to next, so I usually like to share treats, but my wife is now like a hard pass on the turkey legs, so in turn, that means I am too.

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I'm not a huge Turkey leg fan, they taste like ham to me...which makes sense. I also don't eat all that much salt, so I have to buy 3-4 waters afterwards, so maybe Disney knows what they are doing!