Are Disney refillable mugs worth it


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Mar 13, 2024
I was recently on a 2-day trip, and I wasn't sure if a refillable mug was worth it.

I split my stay between Pop Century and then moved to the Disney Dolphin Resort.

I figured it would be worth it if I got the diet lemonade 5-6 times. Pop Century has 24-hour access by the pool.

When I moved to the Dolphin Resort, I walked to the Boardwalk Deli and to the Yacht Club pool to get a fill of ice-cold root beer.


Do you find that the refillable mugs are worth it for your Disney vacation?
Currently, in 2024, they are running about $21.99 per mug.

We do have our complete guide written here.

You can use the mug at all Disney resorts - I carry my mug to the parks, so that when I'm walking around I can always grab a nice tall cup of ice.

Remember stay hydrated!
I usually get a cup, my wife only drinks water usually. So we bring an older expired cup so she can feel part of the magic, plus can carry it to the park full of ice.