Alternatives to DIS Unplugged?


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Jul 7, 2024
I used to be a listener of the DIS Unplugged podcast with Pete Werner, but with all the allegations and drama surrounding him, I'm looking for some new Disney podcasts to listen to. I really enjoy hearing people's opinions about the parks, updates, and trip-planning tips.

Any recommendations for other great Disney podcasts out there? Thanks you!
I was a fan of DIS Unplugged too but once I found out what he did, I quickly unsubscribed. I didn't want to support him at all after that.

Mouse Chat is pretty good for updates. They're travel agents who talk about everything from their favorite restaurants and hotels to what changes are up and coming in the theme parks.

The Disney Dish with Jim Hill is also super informative. They talk about new stuff, but also go into the history of the parks and Disney!
I left disboards for Mouseowners, and now MagicalGuides. Never looked back. And this thread confirms that decision
Maybe I should start one up giving everyone a 5 minute chat around what's going on in Disney World this week!