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  1. josh

    Welcome to the forum!

    Welcome to the forum!
  2. josh

    jenny nicholson's star cruiser hotel youtube video

    ok normally im not one to just plug some rando youtube channel or video but i kept hearing about this video and so I had to watch. At first I was like FOUR HOURS?! but it was entertaining and funny and well done and I watched it over the course of probably 3-4 days. I don't necessarily agree...
  3. josh

    Does Disney have a jail?

    I'm sure Anaheim PD does as well now that you mention it
  4. josh

    Does Disney have a jail?

    calming rooms. lolol. i think i'd rather deal with disney security than anaheim PD any day anyway :P
  5. josh

    Disney Themed Couple Costumes

    When our little guy was 2 we did Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu costumes. It was super cute. I'll have to find a photo and post it!
  6. josh

    Christmas Holiday Lights

    welcome to the forum, @TTorre !
  7. josh

    Disney bus drivers

    That said, it wouldn't be too bad to be a bus driver IMHO. Little kids love seeing buses. *Most* people are excited and happy. I'll take the morning shift please
  8. josh

    How is your day going?

    Pretty mundane one over here but at least my mother in law is stopping by with dinner! Haha After I get the kids all taken care of, I have some yard work and chores to do. Always something!
  9. josh

    Disney bus drivers

    I'm not too familiar with Disney buses but I feel like this would vary so much by driver and even by day. If it's a beautiful sunny day early in the season it's easy to be agreeable. End of summer, end of a long day, it's gonna be a lot harder to conjure up those vibes. Idk just thinking out loud :D
  10. josh

    Disney now offering Galapagos cruises

    Sounds good to me! We honeymooned in Galapagos and it was phenomenal. A unique place that really can only be properly seen via boat
  11. josh

    Disney now offering Galapagos cruises

    I dunno how I feel about Disney in a sacred place like Galapagos, HOWEVER I am interested in experiencing a Disney cruise first hand one day. And I do want my kids to see Galapagos at some point. I guess I better start saving! Anyone been on a Disney cruise and care to weigh in? How do you feel...
  12. josh

    How to save on Disney World Park Tickets?!

    We are planning our Disneyland trip for September of this year. We have a 6 YO and a 1 YO and we will be skipping the park hoppers this time. We will be spending all our time at Disneyland but also staying at the Lodge there! We are very pumped. Our 6 YO is going to be beside himself. :D
  13. josh

    How can we attract new members?

    How about hosting some Disney AMA (Ask Me Anything) type threads? I also like the idea of drawings and a podcast!!