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  1. MagicMamaMichelle

    Does anyone Else Suffer from Headaches in the Heat?

    There's a lot of good advice so far, but being the mom of the forum here, I also have another suggestion: don't consume sugar in the afternoon when the heat is the worst. Avoid going to get that ice cream cone as well. Try to keep cool with either a fan, (I see some advertisement for a shirt...
  2. MagicMamaMichelle

    Disney Themed Couple Costumes

    You can't go wrong with a princess and many options! Aurora and Phillip Flynn and Rapunzel Aladdin and Jasmine I wonder if these couples would be good? Simba and Nala Tarzan and Jane or if you're up for something a bit different Jessica and Roger Rabbit Han Solo and Princes Leia...
  3. MagicMamaMichelle

    Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?

    I've never gone on any cruise before, but I do notice Disney cruises tend to cost a good bit more, and rarely go on sale.
  4. MagicMamaMichelle

    How is your day going?

    It's getting warm for sure - we just had our AC checked, as it wouldn't turn on. Thankfully it just needed the line cleared, and my hubby was able to do that without calling someone. AC repair bills are no joke, and mama has to stay cool!
  5. MagicMamaMichelle

    Does Disney have a jail?

    Oh my, I would have never of guessed Disney had a jail, but good to know they are willing to do what it takes to keep us safe.
  6. MagicMamaMichelle

    How is your day going?

    Being busy is better than nothing to do! It's getting warmer here as well, so being an adult is fun with all the chores. almost wish I could go to Neverland and not grow up!
  7. MagicMamaMichelle

    How can we attract new members?

    keep posting more interesting ideas! I'm hardly at disney, and I want to see how the other half lives!
  8. MagicMamaMichelle

    Long timers

    Welcome - so glad I found some older folks that still love going to Disney World as well! Wish we lived closer, would love to do a little road trip soon enough!
  9. MagicMamaMichelle

    Get TSA precheck before flying out of MCO!

    I do use the TSA app to check the wait times. While I dislike getting to the airport too early for no reason, I don't fly enough to justify $85 for 5 years, as I may only fly twice. So to the commoner lines I go. I think I've waiting 45-60 minutes once, but that was during a holiday. The...
  10. MagicMamaMichelle

    Ideas for DISNEY Vanity Plates?

    For those of us that live outside of Florida, we don't have access to the official Disney plates (those 50th anniversary ones were awesome). What are some potential plates you've come up with? I've come up with some of these: Disney WDWFAN DISFAN DISFAM DZNYNUT PXYDST DVCMBR D1SNEY DISMGK...
  11. MagicMamaMichelle

    How do I get an avatar?

    Thanks, that was simple enough!
  12. MagicMamaMichelle

    New member here

    That's the dream right there. I agree tho, I love the mix of animals, rides, and the FOOD at Animal Kingdom!
  13. MagicMamaMichelle

    How do I get an avatar?

    How do I upload a pic for my profile?
  14. MagicMamaMichelle

    Has anyone thought about moving to Florida

    If I hit the lottery, I wont necessarily tell anyone, but there will be signs... like a huge giant FOR SALE sign in my yard! Haha, Golden Oaks is a dream, but when I see these houses I realize I don't have that type of lifestyle, I like being outside and not always in a pool. High end furnishes...
  15. MagicMamaMichelle

    How do you get from the airport to your resort?

    I've just started renting a car with a family of 4. Magic Express or the Tragic Express as we refer to it now was awesome. Didn't touch your checked baggage it magically arrived into your room. For Uber, we have to do an UberXL, which can be pricey at peak times, and there's no way this Magic...
  16. MagicMamaMichelle

    Magic Mama Here

    Thanks for the invite @Bayley Hi everyone! I’m Michelle, a mom of two kids and a school librarian from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been visiting Disney World every couple of years since my kids were toddlers, and each trip has been a magical adventure. I absolutely love planning our Disney vacations...