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  1. Bayley

    Waldorf Astoria Orlando

    You know I LOVE the Waldorf Astoria Orlando - These are just a few reminders and suggestions for folks. You can't self-park at the Waldorf directly; you have to park in the shared parking deck with the Signia, which adds a little bit of a walk. Get the wedge salad with the Russian dressing at...
  2. Bayley

    Is Moana in EPCOT?

    I will say that the Journey of Water attraction for Moana is different and has some neat features. The best part is it will cool you down some on any hot day. Her meet and greets aren't continuous, so you want to check the daily schedule. However if you plan to be in line around a little before...
  3. Bayley

    Do you get groceries delivered worth it?

    You know I have to get a case of water due to my allergy - but I also love to get a great water bottle. Having snacks or light breakfast food like yogurt, granola or even chips is a great way to snack before or after a park. If we drank a lot we could save a lot of money by having that...
  4. Bayley

    2024 Disney Trip Countdowns!

    We have a trip coming up, and I can't wait to visit EPCOT for the Flower and Garden festival! I love the food, and topiaries for sure! I'm hoping to catch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. I think we are book at Coronado Springs Resort for this trip coming up! April trips are a gorgeous time...
  5. Bayley

    2024 Disney Trip Countdowns!

    Anyone have a trip coming up for the rest of 2024? Let us know here!
  6. Bayley

    To All, Welcome to Magical Guides!

    Oh my goodness gracious, YES. I love the Flower and Garden festival, its so colorful and I love the topiaries. So am I, I would even venture to said he enjoys it a bit more than I do!
  7. Bayley

    To All, Welcome to Magical Guides!

    Hopefully some of you read my husband's Charlie introduction and welcome to the Magical Guides Community! I'm so glad you decided to join us! I would love to get to know you, and how I can help you plan your next vacation! For me, I really enjoy shorter trips - so that I can taken them more...
  8. Bayley

    Favorite shoes for hitting up theme parks?

    I really enjoy Brooks Ghost!
  9. Bayley

    How is your day going?

    I'm getting excited! Single digits to our next Walt Disney World Trip!
  10. Bayley

    Let's talk Disney Pickles!

    Let me first say, I'm not usually a pickle fan. Disney pickles are the exception! They are a cold pickle brine which just tastes even better in my opinion. I love getting them over by the turkey legs in Liberty Square, but they can also be had at a few random kiosks, and Disney resorts...
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