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  1. Chip

    Has anyone done the Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

    Is the starlight safari for adults only or for families? Does it depart from the lodge?
  2. Chip

    Does anyone Else Suffer from Headaches in the Heat?

    It sounds like you're suffering from dehydration. I suggest that you start drinking more water and apply more sunscreen earlier in the day. The sun takes it out of you, and your body is struggling to keep up. Here are a few things in my go back for Disney World during the hotter months: Hat...
  3. Chip

    POV of Tiana's Bayou Adventure - Watch Now!

    I really want to wait to enjoy the ride when I go...but it's going to be several months before I make it back to Orlando! ahhhhh...self control...must stop clicking......okay I'll give it like 30 seconds....
  4. Chip

    Brightline - From Miami to Orlando

    I’m not from South Florida but it looks nice if you go for the first class section.
  5. Chip

    Does Disney have a jail?

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen it after too many margaritas in Mexico! 🇲🇽
  6. Chip

    Get TSA precheck before flying out of MCO!

    So it’s going up like $5 for 5 years of service. You get to keep your shoes, and belts on. I can get thru security quickly when I travel to Disney World from MCO. My average wait time is less than 10 minutes. Was thinking about getting CLEAR as well. Any luck with Clear?
  7. Chip

    Are Disney refillable mugs worth it

    I usually get a cup, my wife only drinks water usually. So we bring an older expired cup so she can feel part of the magic, plus can carry it to the park full of ice.
  8. Chip

    Best Sandwich while at Disney World?

    I think I’m going to keep that in mind! I’m hungry already!
  9. Chip

    Long timers

    That’s awesome, I guess since you are close you drive. Do you have a go to? I’ve been noticing some really good prices near Disney Springs. The B hotel and a few of the hiltons there.
  10. Chip

    Best Sandwich while at Disney World?

    I’m going soon, do you have a favorite Earl of Sandwich? I think I saw something about a thanksgiving one that looked delightful.
  11. Chip

    Magic Mama Here

    Howdy there mama! Hoping to hear more from you soon!
  12. Chip

    Long timers

    Do y’all like to stay on site or offsite? Cause Iwant to plan a couples trip without the kids, but goodness those prices are high.
  13. Chip

    Has anyone thought about moving to Florida

    Golden Oaks! I hear the HOA is super strict which makes sense for the price you’re paying. Example, you can not have cars parked in your driveway overnight. They take that seriously.
  14. Chip

    Is purchasing DVC worth it?

    I’m interested in DVC as we go about every other year for about a week or so. Is DVC a time share? It appears to be like the only time share that you can actually resell if you wanted to. Is anyone else a DVC member here?
  15. Chip

    To All, Welcome to Magical Guides!

    Thank you for the welcome! Been a follower in your group so glad to share other Disney secrets and tricks I’ve learned!
  16. Chip

    How do you get from the airport to your resort?

    We have a trip planned shortly. Since we are staying on property I can’t decide if it’s better to rent a car or just Uber. It’s 4 days and the rental car is $200 all in, versus $50 each way with Uber to MCO. Not counting any other little trips we might want to take.
  17. Chip

    How do I get an avatar?

    Great looking avatar
  18. Chip

    How is your day going?

    My day is going well - it's a balmy 60 degrees here in Maine today - thankfully no snow like it was just a week or so ago. Ready for warmer weather!
  19. Chip

    Are Disney Turkey Legs really that good?

    I'm not a huge Turkey leg fan, they taste like ham to me...which makes sense. I also don't eat all that much salt, so I have to buy 3-4 waters afterwards, so maybe Disney knows what they are doing!
  20. Chip

    How do you get from the airport to your resort?

    I've done Mears several times - I miss the Magical Express FOR SURE! I've rented a car, and it was not always the most fun! Uber is easy, but not cheap!