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    Which way do the doors on the Cabins at Fort Wilderness open?

    Do they open into the cabins or out of the cabins?
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    Is purchasing DVC worth it?

    I've never rented points, but I don't think time shares in general are worth it. Disney's time share has been the only exception, but doesn't mean I'd buy it.
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    Disney bus drivers

    Has anyone else noticed that "Disney" bus drivers aren't as talkative as before? I fondly recall enjoying a variety of interesting facts about WDW during rides. For instance, it was on a "Disney" bus that I learned the acronym EPCOT could humorously stand for "Every Person Comes Out Tired" or...
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    Why does Animal Kingdom close so early?

    It's kind of like the water parks.....this place would be really exciting to hang out past 7-8pm sometimes, as it will finally cool off in Florida after the sun starts to go down.