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    Conrad Orlando - Beyond Luxury

    What other type of activities does the Conrad Orlando offer? What about the Evermore?
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    Acolyte on Disney+ (No spoilers)

    I haven't watched it yet. I'm not sure. I'm all that excited to watch it, but my expectations are low. It has a high rating on Rottentomatoes...but who trusts them anymore? I also saw they broke a rule where a Wookie is able to be a Jedi, which is silly, but a rule that George Lucas had set...
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    Men Star Wars Disneybounding ideas

    Does anyone have any ideas for Star wars Disney Bound ideas? Not looking to sweat too Chewy is out! LOL
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    Memes and Jokes

    If you attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, you know what I'm talking about here
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    Memes and Jokes

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    Memes and Jokes

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    Memes and Jokes

    While it doesn't need to be Disney related, it shouldn't be mean or political! I'll get us started!
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome - I'm new here as well.
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    Are the boats running at Riverside or French Quarter?

    I saw on facebook they weren't running. Does anyone have an idea when they might be back?
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